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Call (810) 214-4070

Septic & Sewer Repairs

Jay’s Septic Service

We Repair All Septic & Sewer Problems.

Jay’s Septic Service can identify septic or sewer issues and correct the issue. First thing we do is a field inspection to determine where the problem is. Then we give you an estimate of our findings. Then we repair the problem.

Typical Signs of a Septic Issues:
-Back up or slow draining toilets
-Back up or slow drawing bathtubs
-Back up or slow drinking sinks.
-Soggy lawn

Typical Problems:
-Crushed pipe from house to tank.
-Crushed pipe from tank to field.
-Baffle repaired or needed.

Contact Jay’s Septic Services to discuss your septic & sewer repair needs.

Michigan’s Best Septic Tank Cleaning & Pumping Company

Call (810) 214-4070

Jay’s Septic Service has been delivering prompt and dependable service for over 60 years. We are a family owned since 1959 and is the best in the sanitation business. From a one truck, one man crew to operating a fleet of over 40 trucks, we have grown and evolved with the septic and portable sanitation business. We are a completely licensed and insured company and we can provide for your every septic and portable sanitation need. We are proud to maintain a reliable history of satisfied customer’s, and are committed to being the best. Call us today for a free estimate.